Mixel Customized Agitators Digimix

An Agitator Installed In A Digestion Tank Suspends Sludge And Avoids The Formation Of A Floating Film. That Film Could Prevent Biogas From Rising To The Top Of The Tank.

DIGIMIX - Agitator For Sludge Digestion And Sludge Methanization

-Reduce Its Volume Around 30% To 40%

-Purify And Deodorize It. Methanization Takes Place In A Heated Tank

-Top Entry Agitator With 2 Levels Of Propellers

-Agitation Shaft Up To 25 M

-Hydraulic Seal Without Wearing Parts

-Guiding Turret With Conical Rollers Bearings To Guide Very Long Agitation Shafts

-Motor Power Up To 37 Kw


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