Lutz Double Diaphragm Metallic 1 1/2” Made Of Stainless Steel (PTFE Version) )(Bolted Version)

-Suitable For Neutral, Aggressive And Easily Flammable Liquids

-For Filter Presses

-Tank Cleaning Systems

-Pigments And Resins.


-Absolutely Oil-Free Valve Technology

-Absolutely Safe To Run Dry

-Self-Priming, Even Dry

-Centre Block Made Of Corrosion-Free Plastic

-Just A Few Components, Easily Accessible

-Flow Rate Up To 435 L/Min

-Explosion-Proof Version Approved According To ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, Category 2


-No Failure Of The Pump Due To Lack Of Lubrication

-No Contamination Of The Environment Or Of The Product Itself By Oil Vapour

-Gentle Pumping Of Thick-Bodied, Contaminated And Abrasive Liquids

-Flow Rate And Flow Pressure Can Be Infinitely Varied

-No Wear Prone Dynamic Seals

-No Direct Chemical Attack Of The Air-Conducting Parts In Case Of Membrane Rupture

-Easy Maintenance Without Special Tools


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