Asco Pump EPM

The EPM series pump are derived from EP series according to the European standard DIN24255/BSEN733 of performance
Pumpshaft & motor shaft are close-coupled design. This way of coupling ensures the alignment of pump and motor, Pump impeller runs in good balance both dynamically and statically. Therefore pump would be kept very well in operation.


-Air Conditioning

-Fire Protection

-Pressure Boosting
-Cooling Towers
-Water Treatment & Supply
-Sea Water Treatment

Performance Range

-Capacity(Q): Up to 1100 m3/h, Up to 4800 rpm

-Head(H): Up to 150 m, Up to 490 feet

-Temperature(T): Up to 105 C

-Speed(n): 2900/1450/980rpm, 3500/1750/1180rpm

-Operating Pressure: 10 Bar standard, 16 Bar on request

Standard Material

According to DIN24255 standard material


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