Magnetic Drive Pump

Chemical Process Pump

We are the distributor of SANWA PUMP and WORLD CHEMICAL PUMP in Thailand. We provide professional services with wide product range. We have aligned ourselves with all kind of pump Sales & Service maintenance in Thailand with experience. ASSA is commited towards our customers is second to none, as we strongly believe that our customer loyalty and trust can not be taken for granted. Our team has worked for many projects in Thailand with our ability to supply the product which required API 610, ISO 5199 and ANSI Process Pump. We support customers for Engineering design, Installation, Commissioning and Technical Training, delivering top quality products, and services to our customers.

WORLD CHEMICAL PUMP is the plastic magnetic drive pump which is one of the leading chemical pump manufacturer based in Japan.Our main products are PP/ETFE flooded suction/self-priming magnet pumps (0.18-3.7kW), PP flooded suction/self-priming sealless vertical pumps (0.75-7.5kW) and PP submersible pump (1.1kW) 





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