WCC Separator YD-FO

Suitable to collect not only smooth floating oil such as mineral oil but aloso high viscosity floating oil such as food oil. In addition, it is possible to collect floating objects


-For collecting unset animal / vegetable floating oil in wastewater at food factories.

-For collecting high viscosity mineral floating oil in vehicle washing wastewater.

-For collecting floating oil with a large amount of powder in wastewater at pigment factories.

-For collecting the floating painting scum at painting booth.

-For collecting floating oil in wastewater of scrap processing.


-Suitable for the small pit (2m x 2m) and the small site where the high viscosity oil is floating.

-World patented Double floatallows for the excellent follow-up ability to fluctuation of water

surface and the superior collection performance.

-It is possible for the pump to adjust the rotation speed by the inverter adopted as standard.

-The patented automatic oil drain device (large-size scraper) is adopted on the separator as standard.

-The separator made of SUS304 is possible to separate hot liquid and easy maintenance.

Usage example