WCC Gyroskimmer YD-GYP

-For Collecting / Transferring Floating Oil In A Coolant Pit !

-For Collecting / Transferring Floating Oil With Abrasive Substance Such As Chips, Shavings And Slurry !

-For Collecting / Transferring Scum In A Drainage Treatment Plant !

-For Collecting / Transferring Floating Oil When Cleaning Contaminated Soil !

-For Collecting Emergency Spilled Oil In A River, Port Or Harbor !

-For Collecting Floating Oil In A Site Which Is Hard To Keep Warm In Cold Climates !

-For Collecting Floating Resin Pellet Or Resin Powder !


-World Patented Double Float Structure Makes The Pump Lithely Follow Ocean Waves And Liquid Level Changes, And

Continuously Collects Surface Oil.

-The Floating Pump Skimmer Is Possible To Both Collect And Transfer Liquid.

-Oil With High Abrasive Substance, Earth, Sand And Others Is Also Stably Collected. (YD-81 0GYP)

-Two Types Of Powers Are Lined Up, Single Phase / 100V & Three Phase For Industrial Version. (Except YD-120OGYP)

-It Consists AL-Molded Parts (Powder Coating) And A Light SUS & Resin Pump. Approximately 40% Lighter

Than Traditional Models.

Double Float Structure

Surface Oil Is Usually Widespread And Not Very ThickThe Most Important For Designing The Skimmer Is How To Reduce To Pump Up Excess Water And Make Progess On The Collecting Efficiency. Our World Patented Double Float Structure Makes The Pump Lithely Follow Waves, The Skimmer's Vertical Motion Because Of Entering Air Or Liquid Level Changes. It Is Designed To Collect Surface Oil Continuously.