WCC Coolant Saver Portable YD-150FS-16CSP

A Definitive Measure To Prevent Contamination For Soluble Coolant. We Highly Recommend Obtaining An ISO 14001/ IS Q14001 If A Coolant Cleansing Device Is Needed.


-Requires Only 116 X 300mm Area For Installation.

-Two Way Floating Construction Is An Option.

-The Float Is Not Affected By Any Obscured Bending Of The Hose With Our Three Point Swivel Joint Construction That Will Smoothly Collect Surface Oil In Any Narrow Coolant Tank.

-Very Portable On Our Wheeled Cart.

-After Use, The Floats Easily Store On Top Of The Cart Without Any Inconveniences Of Parts Dragging.


-Collection Of Floating Oil In Soluble Coolants For Machine Tools Such As: Machining Centers, Turning Machines, Grinding Machines As Well As Others.

-Collection Of Floating Oil In Washing Machines.

-Collection Of Floating Oil In Compressor Drains For Waste Water.

-Collection Of Floating Oil In Small Waste Water Tanks.

-Collection Of Floating Oil In Quenching Tanks.

-Collection Of Floating Oil In Chilling Units.