Sanwa Magpac MPO

Open Impeller Centrifugal Magnet Drive Pump

-Leak-Free Seal-Less Magnet Drive Pump.

-Capable Of Handling Some Sludge And Slurries.

-Maintenance Free. No Need For Spare Parts.

-Easy To Disassemble And Reassemble.

-Can Transfer Liquid Below Freezing.



-Maximum Total Head(M)

-Maximum Capacity (L/Min)

-Maximum Operating Temperature (C)

-Minimum Operating Temperature (C)

-Liquid Maximum Specific Gravity

-Liquid Maximum Viscosity (Mpa S,Cp)

-Design Pressure(Mpag)

­-Bore [Suction X Discharge](Mm)

-Connection Size [Suction X Discharge](Inch)

-Flange Standard

-Impeller Type

-Motor Output

-(Synchronized) Rotation Speed (Rpm)

-Pump Material


Applicable Slurry Liquid

-Waste Water

-Inorganic Slurry

-Iron Oxide, Titanium Oxide

-Clay, Activated Carbon, Catalyst

-Iron Sulfide, Silica

-Various Organic Slurry Liquid

Selection Table