Sanwa Magpac MPJ

-Magnet drive pump with jacket

-Excellent corrosion resistance for SUS304 and SUS316.

-Leaks-free for sealless magnet drive pump.

-Maintenance free. No need for spare parts.

-Easy to disassemble and reassemble.

-Can transfer liquid below freezing.


-Frequency(Hz) 50

-Maximum total head(m) 40

-Maximum capacity (L/min) 300

-Maximum operating temperature (C) 150

-Minimum operating temperature (C) -30

-Liquid maximum specific gravity 2

-Liquid maximum viscosity (mPa s,cP) 300

-Design pressure(MPaG) PUMP:1.0 JACKET:1.2

­-Bore [Suction x Discharge](mm) 25×20 to 50×40

-Flange standard JIS 10K RF ASME 150LB RF

-Impeller type Close

-Motor output 1.5 to 3.7kW

-(Synchronized) rotation speed (rpm) 3000/3600

-Pump material SCS13(SUS304) SCS14(SUS316)

-Remarks Pump with a jacket


-Petrochemical industry

-Chemical plant

-Circulation system of hot and cold water

-General industries

-Various machines and equipment

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