Sanwa Magpac MP

Medium-Sized Standard Centrifugal Pumps

The Type MP, Which Is Positioned As The Core Model Of MAGPAC® Series Realize Significant Reduction In The Total Cost (Life Cycle Cost) In Addition To Their Three Outstanding Features, Seal-Less, High Reliability And Maintenance-Free.


-Frequency(Hz) 50

-Maximum Total Head(M) 54

-Max. Capacity (L/Min) 65

-Maximum Operating Temperature(C) 150

-Minimum Operating Temperature(C) -30

-Liquid Maximum Specific Gravity 2

-Liquid Maximum Viscosity (Mpas,Cp) 300

-Design Pressure(Mpag) 1.0

-Bore [Suction X Discharge](Mm) 25×20 To 80×40

-Pipe Connection (Flange Standard) JIS 10K RF

-Impeller Type Close

-Motor Output   0.75 To 7.5kw

-(Synchronized) Rotation Speed(Rpm)3000/3600

-Pump Material  SCS13(SUS304)

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