Sanwa Magpac MMP

Small Standard Centrifugal Pump

Type MMP Of MAGPAC Series Is Compact, Stainless Steel, Seal-Less Pumps Employing A Magnet Drive. It Excells In Heat And Pressure Resistance. Completely Leak-Free.


-Frequency(Hz) 50

-Maximum Total Head(M) 20

-Max. Capacity (L/Min) 75

-Maximum Operating Temperature(C) 150

-Minimum Operating Temperature(C) -30

-Liquid maximum specific gravity 2

-Liquid maximum viscosity (mPas,cP) 100

-Design pressure(MPaG) 0.6

-Bore [Suction x Discharge](mm) 15x15 to 25x20

-Connection size [Suction x Discharge](inch) 1/2 1/2 to 1?3/4

-Pipe connection R thread NPT thread (Flange is option)

-Impeller type Close

-Motor output 90W to 550W

-(Synchronized) rotation speed(rpm) 3000/3600

-Pump material SCS13(SUS304),SCS14(SUS316)


-Washing Device Exfoliation Liqui 130・15M×20L/Min

-Radiated Light Cooling System Alternative Cfcs 10M×20L/Min

-Nuclear Power Drainage 30 To 40・15M×30L/Min

-Pure Water Processing 20 To 30・15M×20L/Min

-Sterilizer Hot Water 130・16M×30L/Min

-Absorption Type Freezer Lithium Bromide 120・10M×10L/Min

-Chiller Fluorinert -50・15M×10L/Min (GALDEN)

-Temperature Controller Dryer Heat Media  150・25M×10L/Min

-Filtering System Various Medicines 50・15M×10L/Min

-Solvent Collector Organic Solvent 50・15M×5L/Min

-Metal Mold Temperature Controller Heat Medium, Pressurized Hot Water

-Various Fine Chemical Various Chemicals

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