Sanwa High Performance Slurry SD-K

There is a number of conventional high-performance equipment with mono-function of mixing or chopping. However, on the production line that requires a variety of processing steps, when it comes to installing the equipment with the respective application, the burden of maintenance


-Frequency(Hz) 50

-Maximum total head(m) 45

-Maximum capacity (L/min) 1700

-Maximum operating temperature (C) 150

-Minimum operating temperature (C) -20

-Maximum S.G. 2

-Maximum Viscosity (mPa・s, cP) 500

-Design Pressure (MPaG) 1.6

-Bore [Suction x Discharge](mm) 80x40 to 200x150

-Piping Connection (Flange Type) JIS 10K RF, ASME 150LB RF

-Impeller type full-open (asteroid-shaped)

-Motor output to 75kW

-RPM 1500, 1800, 3000, 3600

-Material 304SS, 316SS

Performance Curve