Sanwa High Performance Slurry IL

With A Specific Structure Of Its Own, "Gala Pump" Resolved The Typical Pumping-Up Inability Problem That Is Caused By Dry Run Of Centrifugal Pumps. It Eliminates The Abnormal Thrust Completely That Usually Occurs During Dry Run.


-Frequency(Hz) 50

-Maximum Total Head(M) 63

-Maximum Capacity (L/Min) 1700

-Maximum Operating Temperature (C) 200

-Minimum Operating Temperature (C) -30

-Maximum S.G. 2

-Maximum Viscosity (Mpa・S, Cp) 500

-Design Pressure (Mpag) 1.6

-Bore [Suction X Discharge](Mm) 40x25 To 200x150

-Piping Connection (Flange Type) JIS 10K RF, ASME 150LB RF

-Impeller Type Full-Open (Asteroid-Shaped)

-Motor Output To 75kw

-RPM 1500, 1800, 3000, 3600

-Material 304SS, 316SS

Performance Curve

Pump Liquid From The Bottom Outlet Of A Tank (Aeration Operation)

Unload The Liquid From The Bottom Outlet Of A Tank Completely When Handle Batch Process Of Liquid Or When It Requires To Change Liquid During The Process.Make Use Of Product Or The Liquid Completely

Tank Top-Level Liquid Feed

Continuous Recovery Or Batch Pumping Of Liquid From A Predetermined Level Of A Reaction TankNo Level Controller Required.