Lutz Vertical Centrifugal Pumps B50

When Circulating Chemicals And Pickling Baths, Reliability, Safety And Last But Not Least Functionality Are Important. The Submersible Centrifugal Pump Was Specially Developed As A Vertical.

Features & Advantages

-High Flow Rate

-High Efficiency

-Smooth Running

-Low Space Requirement

-Easy Commissioning

-Easy To Maintain

Technical Data

-Pump Tube (Material): PP (Polypropylene)

-Impeller (Material): PPO (Polyphenylenoxid) / PPE (Polyphenylenether)

-Mechanical Seal (Material): Kohle, Sic, HC-4 (2.4610)

-Static Seal (Material): FPM (Fluororubber)

-Drive Shaft (Material): Edelstahl (1.4571), Hastelloy C (2.4610)

-Density (Up To Kg/Dm³): 1.8

-Viscosity (Up To Max. Cps): Up To 100 Cps (E.G. Milk)

-Immersion Length: 1100

-Type Of Impeller: Radial-Flow Impeller

-Seal Type: Mechanical Seal (MS)

-Thread (Inch) Outside: 1 1/2"Version: Vertical

-Type: B50 PP/ HC, B50 PP/ SS