KSB Submersible Amarex IN

Waste Water

Submersible Motor Pump

Main Applications

-Waste Water Management

-Drainage Systems

-Waste Water Treatment Plants

-Sludge Disposal

-Drainage Of Rooms And Areas At Risk Of Flooding On Municipal, Commercial And Industrial Premises


Fully Floodable Submersible Motor Pump

Not Self-Priming

Close-Coupled Design

Suction Flange Drilled To En 1092-2, Pn16

Fluids Handled

-Service Water

-Grey Water

-Waste Water With Faeces

-Waste Water Containing Long Fibres And Solid Substances

-Fluids Containing Gas

-Activated Sludge

-Digested Sludge

-Raw Sludge

Operating Data

Flow Rate190 Q [M3/H]

Head49 H [M]

Fluid Temperature ≤ +55 T [°C]

Motor Rating 0,8 - 4,2 P2 [Kw]

Impeller Type

-Various Application-Oriented Impeller Types

-With Cutter (S) – Pump Size Dn 50 Only

-With Free-Flow Impeller (F) – Pump Sizes Dn 50, 65, 100