KSB Multistage Self-Priming Etaprime L

Self-Priming Pump

Volute Casing Pumps

Main Applications

-Spray Irrigation Systems

-Service Water Supply Systems


-Drainage Systems

-Fire-Fighting Systems

-Lowering Groundwater Levels

Operating Data

Flow Rate180 Q [M3/H]

Head85 H [M]

Fluid Temperature ≥ -30 - ≤ +90 T [°C]

Operating Pressure10 P [Bar]

Static Suction Lift9 H [M]

Pump Casing

-Radially Split Volute Casing

-Volute Casing With Integrally Cast Pump Feet (From Pump Size 40-40-140)

Shaft Seal

-The Shaft Is Fitted With A Replaceable Shaft Sleeve In The Shaft Seal Area (From Pump Size 40-40-140).

-Single Mechanical Seals And Double Mechanical Seals To EN 12756