Cemco Cable Mount Float Level Switch CFL

- Maximum Length Of The Float Cable Is 10m.

- Connection Box, And Float Could Be Sold Separately.

- Low Price & Short Delivery Time!

Use Application

- Liquid Level Management And Control For Plumbing And Waterworks.

- Liquid Level Management And Control For Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

CFL Type Specifications

-Model CFL

-Terminal Box Material ABS

-Terminal Box Structure Drip-Proof

-Terminal Box Cable Port JIS F20a (3/4'')

-Mounting Fl Ange DN100 (Other Standard Is Available)

-Attachment Fl Ange Material ABS

-Number Of Fl Oats Maximum 6 Floats

-Float Surface Material ABS

-Float Inside Material Foam PE

-Float Buoyancy Approx. 90g

-Float Cable 4.8φX6m Standard, Maximum 10m (Soft PVC Coated)

-Weight Material String : PE Weight : PVC (Inside : FC150)

-Maximum Current Value 0.5A

-Maximum Contact Capacity AC10VA/DC10W

-Maximum Voltage AC30V/DC30V

-Float Movement Angle ±40°

-Liquid Temperature Range 0~40

-Minimum Float Distance 120mm