Asco Pump EJ
EJZ series are monoblock type of EJ pumps. Motor shaft is pluged into pump shaft to ensure concentricity and shorten the axial length. They are very useful when one or more of the following are required: self-priming, solids handling, resistance to abrasion or corrosion, limited installation space.
-Waste Water Treatment Plant
-Portable Emergency Fire Fighting
-Marine -Ballasting & Bilge
-Liquid Transfer: clean or dirty water, mixed liquids, abrasive or corrosive liquids
-Civil Engineering
-Smoke Scrubbing
-Cooling & Circulation
Operating Data
-Flow Rate(Q) 2-53 I/s
-Head(H) 4-40 m
-Speed 1450~3500 rpm; lower speed on request
-Max Temperature 105"C
-Working Pressure 0.6 MPa
-Max Solids Size 50 mm
-Conveying Medium Neutral, acid or alkali clean or dirty liquids, containing sand, mud or solids in suspension
Material Code
-Cast Iron
-Ductile Iron
-ASTM 420
-ASTM 1045
-ASTM 304
-ASTM 316
-Mechanical Seal
Design & Structure
-Design Performance and Dimensions referring to the European standard
-Structure Semi-open impeller, Close-coupled, Self-priming, Maintenance Hole, Wear Plate.
-DN (mm) 40-100
-Flange Pump casings are casted with flanges; Screw flange for, discharge size < 100 mm
EJZ Series Explode View & List of Parts